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Swindon Wedding Musicians

Hire musicians for YOUR wedding reception

Flexibility and Even Tempered Professionalism

When it comes to booking Swindon wedding musicians for your wedding reception, you want to know you have a certain flexibility.

What if the bride is late?

  • wedding musicians Swindon wedding musicians

    wedding breakfast on Burgh Island Devon with Gilmore n’ Jaz providing the perfect...

  • wedding musicians Swindon wedding musicians

    Gilmore n’ Jaz play music for a wedding on Burgh Island Devon England

  • wedding musicians Swindon wedding musicians

    Wedding musicians

What if the groom is late!!

These Latin guitar musicians have a large repertoire. They play – delightfully sparking off each other – without needing to read music.

For your wedding music, you want to hire musicians with both the musical skills and the entertainment skills to adapt to any unforeseen events.
Gilmore n Jaz will not to be phased by any hiccups.

At one wedding, the bride was late. The organiser was able to wave up to the balcony of the church and ask these talented musicians to continue playing.
The congregation were kept entertained by skilful live music, and any possible tension was defused.

Swindon Wedding Musicians to play at YOUR wedding reception

For your wedding reception you want experienced musicians you can trust to take care of the music and allow you to get on with enjoying one of the most important days in your life.  Yes, the music is important but this day is about YOU and your loved one.
If you want musicians who will remember that this is YOUR DAY, hire these musicians for your wedding reception.

Unique and adapted to YOUR requirements
These two Swindon wedding musicians have fallen in love with the Latin Jazz vibe which is found in much of their self composed music. However they both have extensive experience in performing blues and rock music.
Do you have a special song you want played? Ask in advance if Gilmore n Jaz can play it for you.
If you have any other particular requirements to make YOUR wedding reception unique and special, please don’t hesitate to ask :-

For example, when providing music for one wedding reception, the 2 Stevie’s (Gilmore n Jaz) were hired to play their
guitars as they strolled among the guests creating a warm and unique atmosphere of sunny Mediterranean music.

What they offer
Hire these Swindon wedding musicians to play as the guests wait for the wedding ceremony or service to start.
Book these musicians to play the famous wedding music Pachelbel’s Canon or given notice a song of their choice in our unique style as the bride and groom walk down the aisle.
Let your guests enjoy skillful Latin Jazz & Blues un-obtrusive background music at the reception whilst canapés are served or through the wedding breakfast itself.
If there are unexpected delays to the proceedings due to the overrun of the photographs etc Gilmore n Jaz can fill that gap instantly keeping guests entertained.

Book these Swindon wedding musicians for the early part of the evening either as background music or as a concert creating a party atmosphere.

Let your wedding guests sit and marvel at the skill and speed  as the two guitarists seamlessly traverse the frets and follow each other’s lead.
(If there is a guitarist among your guests, you will probably catch him or her watching closely.)
Enjoy the wonderful upbeat sunny music of this talented guitar duo.

Gilmore n Jaz have experience in the music industry and can cope with any hitches that might crop up, ad-lib a spontaneous Birthday request or Anniversary.
Gilmore n Jaz have charm and a virtuoso skill for settling an audience in and getting them to relax, ‘warming up’ the show so that all present may enjoy the special occasion. 

Although people can and definitely do dance to the Latin Jazz music of this talented guitar duo, please note that their wedding music is not suitable for a disco environment.

Book good Swindon musicians for YOUR wedding reception

It is a testament to the musical talent and skill of this Latin guitar duo that they were hired by the CEO of
Tao Productions for his own wedding reception. When most of your guests are musicians they have high standards.
He needed to book Swindon wedding musicians with the skill to keep them entertained. Gilmore n Jaz  were the answer.
(At this particular wedding reception, Gilmore n Jaz found themselves in a strange situation.
About to play their instrumental track Marlene The Spy, the musicians joked that it had been turned down as
the latest James Bond theme in favour of Adele’s offering. They had the interesting experience of finding out that
Adele’s manager was standing right in front of them!

Take out the risk. Hire Swindon wedding musicians you’ve already heard

Gilmore n Jaz are often booked for Swindon wedding receptions by regular fans or those who have been in the audience at one of their events.
If you live in Swindon, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire or Berkshire, take out the risk of the unknown on your special wedding day. Check out our Tour Dates to hear us. Or if you have already enjoyed our music then contact us here